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How to Make Pom Pom Push Pops

Make someone’s day or week as they head back to school. Whether in person, virtually, or homeschool, let them know you “Hope their Day (or Year) Pops!”

How can you celebrate others as they head back to school with these FREE Printables? Below is a fun and easy way to do just that with Pom Pom Push-Pops.

To make the "Hope Your Day POPS" Pom Pom Push- Pops, you'll need:

Clear Push-Pop Containers from Amazon

Hope Your Day Pops Printable or Hope Your Year Pops Printable


Pom Poms (18-you choose color assortment) I get mine from Dollar Tree.  They have bright neon colors and primary.

How-to make the Hope Your Day Pops Pom Pom Push-Pops:

Step 1: Get the Hope Your Day Pops Printable from the FREE Printables Library and download.  After downloading select to print 2 to a page so you get 12 tags instead of 6.

6 are great for larger gifts but I found that the 12 to a page is the perfect size for the Hope Your Day Pops Pom Pom Push-Pops.  You can select either the square or circle tag. Both work great!

Step 2:  Cut out the number of tags you need.  Place Tag inside of the Push-Pop Container.


Step 3: Fill the Push-Pop with 18 Pom Poms, alternating the colors you put inside so not all of the colors are stuck together.  Place lid on top.

Step 4: Now it's time to Celebrate someone and let them know you "Hope their Day or Year Pops!"

Here's a quick tip for getting the best POP out of your Pom Pom Push-Pop! After you take the top off, pretend you're getting ready to underhand serve a volleyball.  Hit the stick with the center of your palm and let it POP.

You can also fill your Push-Pop with other items like Confetti, Candy, etc... Just test it out before you give to someone.

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