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About DIY Celebrator

I'm Bridget, the DIY Celebrator. I help other celebrators like you, who love to DIY and want to make it a piece of cake. Saving you time finding inspiration, ideas, resources, and tips to help celebrate and sprinkle the everyday.  ⁠

You may have forgotten that celebrating and sprinkling the everyday should be easy and fun and you can DIY too.⁠

Most people think they have to go over the top and copy an idea they saw on Pinterest! That’s what DIY’ers do right? ⁠

But then realize spending hours on making that idea happen, going over budget, last-minute shopping, staying up late the night before, being too tired to celebrate doesn’t work anymore.⁠

So what is the most important thing when it comes to celebrating and sprinkling the everyday?

Having a Party Pantry and go-to place to find inspiration, ideas, resources, and tips and don't forget the Printables. 

After trying so many DIY ideas myself and finding all of the broken links, I almost gave up on celebrating all together. Why bother I thought? You may be feeling this way too.

Until this past January, as first time Mom, I didn’t want my daughter to miss out due to the overwhelming choices and lack of planning.  ⁠

I want her to grow up in a Bright & Festive home where we celebrate the everyday, surrounded by joy and confetti.⁠

At first, I thought it was luck, but months later, we’re celebrating often each month with family and friends and now virtually. Sometimes it's last-minute which I was never a fan of before until I started using a secret ingredient.⁠

Imagine if you could do the same for your family.⁠

People started asking me for help, ideas, inspiration, you name it. And that’s when I decided to create a go-to resource to help others just like you have the same results. I am your go-to gal for #allthingscelebratory including inspiration, ideas, resources, and tips. I'm excited to help you create a bright and festive home all year long. I’m not the only DIY Celebrator around here, you are too! 🎉

I'd love for you to be a part of this community who are on a mission to:

Celebrate and Sprinkle the everyday! Start today!